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Local Enterprise Office Course – SEO & Web Analytics

Selling online starts with being found online. On completion of this training session participants will understand the SEO checklist for 2018 and how to implement it. Included are:

  • Google analytics – How to sign up and understand what the feedback means for my business.
  • Keywords. What they are and how to build a strategy around the right ones.
  • How to write killer copy – What your customers and Google love to read.
  • Now I know about it how do I do something about it? How to implement the top tips to transform my Google ranking.

This workshop is designed to allow participants to assess where they currently are with their online trading. They may be already trading online in a small way or have yet to build online trade into their revenue model. This workshop will take participants on a full journey equipping them to build the skills, awareness of available supports, the language and confidence to build a practical and effective online trading strategy for their business. It will equip them to manage the elements themselves or to speak confidently to professionals to bring their online strategy to life.

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